An Innovative Air Network Optimization tool for Greek islands’ Public Service Obligation
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About the IANOS Project.

Data collection 1. Social-Economic Data Collection
Data mining 2. Data Mining
Air Network Optimization 3. Air Network Optimization
4. Decision Support System

Our Targets

Decision Support Tool

Development and utilization of specialized decision-making software

Economies of Traffic Density

Increasing productivity by creating economies of scale by complementing time gaps and aligning airline networks

Operating cost Reduction

Increasing aircraft fullness, with a consequent reduction in operating costs and environmental footprint

Service co-production

Applying and adopting innovative marketing trends


Strengthening the competitive position within a healthy competition environment for national air transport


Strengthening the profile of innovation and collaboration through a partnership with two prominent academic institutions in the country.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Further promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility in the context of the Greek crisis that requires increased social responsibility and sensitivity.

Software Extension

Commercialization of software for synchronization of large, European and international airline networks

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An Innovative Air Network Optimization tool IANOSIANOS for Greek islands' Public Service Obligation

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