Department of Business Administration

About the Department

The Department of Business Administration started its operation in the academic year 1999-2000 when it had its first intake of students. The Department is growing fast in teaching staff, equipment, library facilities and laboratories.

It offers a four-year course leading to the Bachelor (honours) Degree in Business Administration (Management). Moreover the Department offers graduate programs in “New Trends in Business Administration” leading towards a Masters degree (MBA) or a PhD.

The Department of Business Administration has its own library and a fully equipped computer laboratory with 40 work stations.

It is hoped that in a few years’ time these disciplinary directions will have grown into divisions within the department covering major aspects of Management.

Undergraduate Program of Studies in Business Administration (Bachelors Degree, 4 years of studies)

Graduate Programs:
Business Administration (MBA)

Management Information Systems & Business Intelligence Laboratory (MISBILAB)
Laboratory of Research and Tourism Satellite Accounts (La.Re.T.S.A.)
Laboratory of eGovernment and eCommerce with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship

The Location

Address: University Campus 26504 Rio Achaia

Phone: +30 2610 999975